Welcome horse lover.

If you are looking for a highly personalised, private, unique horseback adventure you have come to the right place. No crowds, no rigid plans, no waiting for other people - or feeling pressured to keep up. Come and ride on an adventure tailored to YOU.

Whether it be meandering through the beautiful Australian Bush discovering secluded swimming holes and riding with brumbies, galloping along quiet pristine beaches, swimming horses on crystal blue tides, exploring new trails, experiencing old town pubs by horseback or hanging out by the creek doing groundwork with your gorgeous horse. Whatever your idea of a horseback adventure - we will do our best to accomodate.

Your guide Hannah has spent her life outdoors. Between her experience with horses, background in health and fitness, love for adventure and growing up around the Byron Bay beach culture she knows how to set a good vibe. With laid back organisation you’ll feel rested and have an unforgettable experience all at the same time.

Here is some more information to help you to understand what to expect with us.

Duration of Stay. 2-7 days, depending on your request.

Hours in the saddle. Dependng on personal choice - up to 7.

Cost: starting at $300 p/day


What type of horse will I be riding? You will be thoughtfully matched with a horse to suit your ability, discipline, where we will be riding and your personal preference. You will have time to bond and feel confident with your horse through some basic horsemanship so you understand how things work with our horses and you can feel happy and confident for your stay. Mixed bred horses - clydie cross, brumby, QH.

What do I need to bring? Depending on the time of year & your unique itinerary we will discuss this personally.

Do I have to canter? You DO NOT have to canter but I am confident you will be itching to canter after a few days. Your stay is about you and your horse so we can work on whatever you like throughout our days of riding.

Am I allowed to canter? YES! If you are a confident rider we can canter as much as you like.

How many other people will I be riding with? There is a maximum of 2 people. Single Supplement is available on request. During your trip we may ride with other people, this will depend on your preference.

What is your weight limit? Depending on riding ability and fitness level we have options for most riders - please get in contact.

Can my partner come along as a non rider? Yes, we can organise an alternate itinerary for them.

How do I find out the availability of rides? We ride every month of the year, depending on demand. Please fill out the informantion on our contact page and we will check our availability for you.

Can I bring my own horse? Potentially. We will need to discuss and you will possibly need to pay the single supplement.

What type of tack will I be riding in? Again, depending on what you will be doing and what horse you will be riding will determine that. If you have a personal preference or want to bring your own we should be able to cater this for some duration of your ride.

Do I need insurance? We are fully insured but expect each rider to also come with travel insurance, inclusive of horseback riding.